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LetsTalk - The Easy Way to Shop for Wireless carries accessories for cell phones from BlackBerry, Danger, Firefly, HTC, HP, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nextel, Nokia, Palm, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, and UT Starcom.

What people talked about LetsTalk:
Question: #1: To add a line to an at&t plan on letstalk, doesthe main or first phone have to be from lets talktoo?
Thanks for the answer, but i've already calledletstalk and ask them. I guess I should havethought of that in the first place. - asked by Matthew H

It shouldn't be. email me your zipcode and I'llsee if I can help you out on this one. Send me anote with this same question. - answered by: Momof4
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Question: #2: Is it safe to buy plan and cellphones onlinethrough stores like Letstalk, Wirefly?
Hi everyone!! Lately I went to www.letstalk.comand tried to get a new AT&T plan with a phone. Thedeal was great, to be honest. However, I'm notsure if it's really secured to do so, because Ihave to give them my personal info like SS,Driver's License Number...If I already give themand cancel the transaction, would it still be safeand confidential? Thanks. - asked by the_heart_break_kid

Yes, the two indirects you mention are safe.Wirefly and LetsTalk need your Social Security andother personal info in order to give the carrierinfo for the credit check - activating a cellphone account requires that you pass the carriers'credit requirements. So this is the SAME info youwould need to give the pimply face kid at thekiosk in the mall or any carrier retail location.That's not to say you should give your SS# to justanyone, but those two dealers are well-extablishedpartners with the carriers.Go to the sites'Privacy Policy/Security Policy pages for moreinfo. - answered by: Joan of Fremont
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Question: #3: has anyone ordered a cell phone and is it better?
are you better off just getting the cell phonethrough the cell phone company? - asked by ichiban09

they are one of the major dealers fortmobile/cingular. You might want to look at for some new phones. - answered by: notun
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Question: #4: Is a good company to get a cell phoneplan with?
I was wondering if it was better to get like ablackberry curve for free off of andget an AT&T plan with it. Or if it was better toend up paying $100 for it on ATT&T's site with aplan. I was told that you have to have a contractwith when you get a phone, but Idon't know whats with that. If you before it would be helpful. Thanks - asked by cantthinkofgoodnamehaha

You should start the contract and get the phonedirectly from AT&T...because if you ever need helpfrom an AT&T represenative in the future, theymight ask you where you got your phone from...andif they see that you didnt get your phone directlyfrom them, They might not help you! BOTTOM LINE:Start the contract with AT&T and pay the 100dollars because in the furture, you wont regret itwhen you migh need help!Sincerely, Loya AT&Tcustomer for more than 6 years - answered by: Jack E
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Question: #5: Is an ok place to buy a cell phone ?
any bad experiences with them for you? - asked by ETA~FG~kman

Honestly, no. The problem with sites likeletstalk and wirefly is that they are able tooffer cheaper rates for phones because they haveadditional terms. I have seen horrible thingshappen to customer's just for changing theirnumbers or a feature in their plan. When you geta phone from letstalk, your not just signing acontract for the company, your signing a contractfor them. They can charge you fees for changingalmost anything on your plan during a certainperiod of time. - answered by: Niki
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Question: #6: Is a trustworthy website?
I'm planning to buy 2 cell phones with an at&tfamily plan on http://www.letstalk.comNeither theat&t official website nor the at&t store doesn'tthe cell phone I really want to buy, but has it combined with theat&t family plan. Is that weird? So I want to knowwhether or not it's a trustworthy website.Couldanyone tell me please? Thank you! - asked by needhelper

I've used them in the past. I had no problems butthen this is not an endorsement either. You mustalways be very careful to follow the instructionsand save copies of everything to ensure that youget the rebates. - answered by: Really Old Guy
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Question: #7: Has anyone ever purchased a cell phone
Hi, I’m thinking about buying a new phone /upgrading my cingular/ATT phone. Has anyonepurchased a phone from ( companyand if so how was the customer service anddelivery time. Did you get everything you werepromised? Thanks for any help you can give. - asked by SA41TX

no, if i were you, i wouldn't risk it - answered by: book_worm
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Question: #8: yes i ordered a phone from letstalk and it was onthe twoday shippin by fedex jan'9 and i waj jw ifit would
be here by friday cause im goin out of town??and iwas Just wonderin - asked by qt_brat69

You should have a FedEx tracking number. If youdo, google it and click on the first link to seewhere it is and when it will be there.Seriously..waj jw? - answered by: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
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Question: #9: I want to get an att tilt has themfor $99 anbody bought a phone off that sitebefore?
the tilt is rather expensive $299 with plan or$199 refurbished. has it for $99 with2yearplan this sounds too good to be true :\ - asked by GYM

well it will be $99 after all the rebates. ProductPrice $599.99 $299.99$100 Instant Discount w/High Value Plans! (ends 02/11) -$100.00FREE 1GBMicroSD Card! FREEShipping FREEPrice Today$199.99Exclusive $50 mail-in rebate w/ PlanFeature! -$50.00$50 AT&T Mail-In Rebate!-$50.00Price $99.99 u will have to pay $199.99plus taxes and such today and then u get the 2 $50mail-in rebates to make it $99.99 - answered by: ATL Shawty
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Question: #10: how long does it take to ship a phoneto california?
- asked by enpingationnation

Given that there are no problems with processingyour order it should be delivered in 3-5 businessdays. And the only reason people dont like letstalk is they read their terms and conditions. I dourge you to read your toc's and understand exactlywhat your signing. 1) if your accound isdisconnected or you change your number before 6months there is a deact fee charge per line 2) ifyou dont like your phone you have 30 days toreturn or exchange (you are in cali?) andunlimited talk time. and if you do chose to returnplease be sure not damage the phone. but if youreally have more questions you should contact thecustomer support they did just clean up all thedepartments. So the customer service is a lotbetter. - answered by: vstacked2
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